Loki's 'Thor: The Dark World' Role Comes To Light


Even with Dark Elves in play, there's always room for extra mischief. Loki is here to prove that himself, as details on his role in "Thor: The Dark World" have started to emerge.

Some potential spoilers below.

While we already know that Christopher Eccleston is taking on the big bad guy role as Malekith the Accursed, we also know that Tom Hiddleston will return for the "Thor" sequel as the God of Mischief — and if you were thinking Loki would go down quietly after his defeat in "Avengers," it sounds like you'd be mistaken.

Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth were reportedly involved in an epic battle scene against each other in Iceland, according to the website Visir, as per Bleeding Cool. While he didn't confirm details of the scene, Hiddleston at the very least confirmed that he's been in Iceland in recent days:

In other words, fans of the sibling rivalry at the heart of the "Thor" movies, it looks like you'll have plenty to enjoy when "The Dark World" rears its head.

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