Two Millarworld Movies Are About To Be Announced


Mark Millar's followers on Twitter already know that the comic book writer has been spending time on the "Kick-Ass 2" set in London recently. Millar's visit is over, it seems, and he's written a lengthy blog post detailing some of his experiences on set. Perhaps the most interesting tidbit goes beyond "Kick-Ass 2," however, as Millar revealed that he has three Millarworld projects gearing up to shoot in early 2013.

"I'm helping prep three other Millarworld movies at the moment (two you should hear about in next week or two) for late Spring shoots and so home again and writing," Millar wrote on his website. Those projects could include "Nemesis," "Superior," "American Jesus" and beyond; it's too soon to say now, but from the sound of things, we'll have an official answer on at least two of these movies soon.

Turning back to the "Kick-Ass" sequel, Millar once again enthused about the climactic battle between Hit-Girl and Mother Russia, saying it's destined to win the Best Fight Scene award at the MTV Movie Awards. (We'll happily crown them ourselves if the scene's as good as he says!)

"I'm not kidding... this fight is unlike anything I've seen in cinema before," he added. "I'd watched the stunt team block it out a few weeks back, but this was astonishing. The movie is being edited as happens and so, at the halfway point in shooting, I have about 40 edited minutes to watch in the suite during lunch-breaks. Blown Away is an understatement. everything is working perfectly and Vaughn was correct when he told me to trust his judgement when he hand-picked Jeff Wadlow for this gig."

Read the full report on Millar's blog.

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