Where Was War Machine During 'The Avengers'?

War Machine

As much as we love "The Avengers" around Splash Page headquarters, there's one question we're still asking ourselves: where the heck was War Machine?

Tony Stark's equally armored pal James "Rhodey" Rhodes would have been an invaluable asset in the Battle of New York against Loki and his Chitauri horde. So why didn't he suit up for the war?

If you're a reader of the comic books, you'll find out the answer in January.

The first issue of "Marvel's Iron Man 3 Prelude," a two-part prequel comic to next summer's "Iron Man 3," hits stands in January and reveals, among other details, exactly what War Machine was up to during the events of "The Avengers."

"As Tony Stark prepares for his next venture, he tasks War Machine with a mission of his own," reads the Marvel solicitations for January 2013. "War Machine faces his biggest test as a hero, while Iron Man takes on the Battle of New York!"

For further War Machine awesomeness, check out this promo art of Rhodey's old costume side-by-side with his upcoming Iron Patriot armor.

War Machine

Thanks to Comic Book Resources for the tip on this.

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