Does This ‘Man Of Steel’ Toy Commercial Confirm Zod As The Villain?

There are going to be some new Superman toys released in 2013 to coincide with “Man of Steel,” and new rough cuts of the commercials for the action figures have revealed potential plot points from the upcoming movie.

Bleeding Cool has the videos, which aren’t in their finished forms. Though it’s not confirmed that the plot in the toy ads parallel the one in “Man of Steel,” there’s enough here for Superman fans to chew on.

Beyond the fact that these commercials look like they could have been made in the ’90s, the ads seem to confirm that Michael Shannon is playing Zod in the upcoming movie (we only have doubts because director Zack Snyder played coy about the character at San Diego Comic-Con). They also tease the potential plot arc of Zod’s character in a very vague way. Check out the two commercials after the jump, but be warned, potential spoilers lie ahead.

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