Hit-Girl Has 'Completely Progressed' Since 'Kick-Ass,' Chloe Moretz Says

Mindy McCready has come a long way since we last checked in on her. The pint-sized crime-fighter known as Hit-Girl is not quite as pint-sized anymore, for one thing; she's 16 years old now, a far cry from where she was when "Kick-Ass" first hit theaters in 2010.

"It's a bit surreal," actress Chloe Moretz told MTV News at New York Comic Con about getting back into the "Kick-Ass" swing of things for the film's upcoming sequel. "It's like this weird time warp that happened. I went from being 15 to being, like, 13 again practically."

One of the key questions for Hit-Girl this go around, according to Moretz, is how she should go about balancing her needs as a vigilante with her needs as a normal kid.

"The character has completely progressed," she said. "She's now 15 or 16, figuring out who she is. Is Hit-Girl the mask? Is Mindy McCready the mask? That's the cool tug of war between the two minds."

One thing that's not so cool for Moretz is that she won't be spending much screen-time with Jim Carrey, the comedy legend who joins the "Kick-Ass 2" cast as Colonel Stars. Not that you can feel too bad for her, seeing as she spent almost all of her time with Nicolas Cage on the last "Kick-Ass," while Aaron Johnson gets to share a comparable amount of scenes with the "Ace Ventura" comedian.

"Last time he was like, 'Ugh, Chloe!' And now I'm like 'Aaron! I want to be with Jim!'" she joked.

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