‘Captain America’ Sequel: Recasting The Red Skull

Is it the end of the world if Hugo Weaving doesn’t want to play Red Skull anymore? It’s a disappointment, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a fix — one that’s already built into the “Winter Soldier” source material that the “Captain America” sequel gets its name from.

We won’t spoil the what or how’s here, but let’s just say that the “Winter Soldier” comics contain a way to bring Red Skull back into the big-screen fold. And if Weaving doesn’t want to play the character anymore, there are ways of recasting the role that don’t negate the work Weaving put in; different from Mark Ruffalo succeeding Edward Norton as Bruce Banner, or Don Cheadle succeeding Terrence Howard as War Machine, in other words.

Enough tap-dancing around the issue; here are five actors we would cast as Red Skull in the “Captain America” sequel.

Jason Isaacs
It doesn’t get much nastier than Lucius Malfoy when looking for iconic pop culture villains, does it?

Ralph Fiennes
Unless you’re calling on Lord Voldemort. He’s a tough bad guy to beat.

William Fichtner
A brilliant actor deserving of a big breakout role like the Skull. He would have been one of my first choices to play Red Skull in the first place, actually.

Willem Dafoe
One of Hollywood’s greatest masters of mischief. If viewers could ignore Chris Evans’ “Fantastic Four” past as he approached “Captain America,” Dafoe should have no problem overcoming his “Spider-Man” reputation.

Christopher Walken
You know you want it.

Who would you cast as Red Skull in the “Captain America” sequel? Let us know in the comments section below or hit us up on Twitter!