'Arrow' Season Preview: Deathstroke, Deadshot, China White Make Life Painful For Oliver Queen


If you liked the "Arrow" series premiere, we're pretty confident you're going to enjoy the rest of the season. At New York Comic Con, The CW released a sizzle reel of what to expect from the future of the show, and judging by the violence and stakes seen in the footage, we're all in for a bumpy ride.

Watch the reel and read the highlights below.

» The reel contains several scenes of Oliver Queen's time stranded on an island, including him getting caught in a net (yet another "Lost" reference that Sawyer would likely find amusing) and being tortured by Deathstroke.

» Oliver's mother, the mischievous Moira, has ties to John Barrowman's mysterious well-dressed man. Guess he's probably a bad guy after all.

» Arrow engages in epic brawls against Deadshot and China White, showcasing the deadly action that the series has in store for fans.

» The vigilante's relationship with Laurel Lance and her father, Detective Quentin Lance, couldn't be more different. Laurel's perspective: "Whoever he is, he's trying to help." Quentin has a different point of view: "He's a vigilante, and nothing, and no one, will stop me from bringing him down."

» At one point, Oliver is seen with messages and notes scrawled all over his body, taking a nice fat page out of the Michael Scofield playbook.

» "Every last one of them will wish that I'd died on that island," Queen says as the reel closes. We believe him, judging on the sheer amount of people who find themselves fatally filled with arrows in this trailer alone.

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