'Walking Dead' Cast Pay Respects To Premiere's Fallen Character

Walking Dead

"The Walking Dead" premiered its third season tonight, and true to its word, the pace of the episode, "Seed," was quicker and deadlier than season two's final escape from Hershel's farm. In fact, not everybody made it out of the premiere unscathed — one character in particular met a very gruesome ending indeed.

We spoke with the "Walking Dead" cast for their eulogies of the fallen hero. Read on for their thoughts. Needless to say, MASSIVE SPOILERS ahead!

We're talking, of course, about Hershel's leg. Easily one of the most beloved characters on the entire series, Hershel's leg was a sturdy pillar of truth and wisdom in a world that so desperately needs it. Now that Hershel's leg is dead, the odds of our survivors making it through the coming weeks have diminished greatly. That aging, fleshy limb was a key factor in our group's continued survival, and without it, the future is very uncertain.

"It was a strong leg, probably his favorite leg," actor Steven Yeun mourned when we spoke with him, alongside his anguished co-star Lauren Cohan. "I really liked the percentage of hair to skin."

Showrunner Glen Mazzara offered a more realistic approach to why Hershel's leg had to get cut from the series. "That leg was a real problem," he admitted. "It would always call with script notes, so, we took care of it."

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