'Pacific Rim' Gets A Prequel Graphic Novel

Pacific Rim

Guillermo del Toro keeps buying into the comic book game. Not only has his vampire series "The Strain" been adapted by Dark Horse (and subsequently optioned as a television series), not only is he working on a "Hulk" television show, not only has he directed two "Hellboy" movies — now, on top of all of that, GDT is bringing his latest film, "Pacific Rim," to the paneled page.

Del Toro has announced that a prequel graphic novel set 25 years before the events of "Pacific Rim" is on the way, written by the movie's screenwriter Travis Beacham and published by Legendary Comics. Deadline reports that the comic book prequel will take readers inside the creation of the robot technology used to combat the giant monsters that have started ravaging the world of "Pacific Rim."

Additional details might come out of New York Comic Con this week, as del Toro will be on hand to sign artwork created specifically for "Pacific Rim" at the Legendary Entertainment booth.

"Pacific Rim," hitting theaters this July, stars a whole bunch of geek-friendly faces including "Sons of Anarchy" duo Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman, "Thor" star Idris Elba, and even "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" comedian Charlie Day. Speaking with MTV News at Comic-Con this year, del Toro described his experience working on "Pacific Rim" as "the best experience I have ever had professionally, and I really loved creatively and in every way every second of it, so it was truly, truly a respite for the fan-man."

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