‘Seven Psychopaths’ Special: The Seven Greatest Comic Book Psychopaths

by Ryan Rigley

Martin McDonagh’s latest comedy, “Seven Psychopaths,” tells the story of an aspiring screenwriter who unwittingly entangles himself in the criminal underworld of Los Angeles as his bizarre friends accidentally kidnap an unpredictable gangster’s cherished Shih Tzu. With a star studded cast (Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken, Woody Harrelson, Tom Waits) and an engaging story, “Seven Psychopaths” is sure to be another home-run for the writer/director of 2008’s “In Bruges.”

In honor of McDonagh’s new film, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling our own list of psychopaths. Comic book psychopaths, of course! These deranged madmen range everywhere from misjudged anti-hero to dangerous serial killer, but one thing that they all have in common is the fact that they are completely out of their minds.

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After Wade Wilson was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer, he signed himself up for a program called Weapon X which granted him a healing factor derived from Wolverine. Now his brain is in a constant state of disarray, as the cancer cells are repeatedly killed and regenerated in a never ending cycle; which would explain Deadpool’s constant hallucinations, ability to break the fourth wall, and the many different voices in his head.

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
Created by Jhonen Vasquez, Johnny C. (or Nny for short) is a mentally unstable serial killer that murders anyone and everyone that irritates him in the slightest. Often times, he will drain his victims of their blood and then uses it to paint a wall in his house in order to prevent a monster from escaping. In the past, Nny’s insanity has manifested itself into three separate entities; Nailbunny, Psychodoughboy, and Mr. Eff.

Evil Ernie
An undead, psychotic murderer with a plethora of supernatural powers, Ernest Fairchild discovers that he has the ability to predict the future after drawing a picture of a car crash and accidentally killing his own mother. As a result, his father begins beating him regularly and even kills his pet rat, Smiley. Now, given life by arcane forces, Evil Ernie roams the Earth slaying all those in his path. He also talks to the smiley face pin on his jacket that he believes to be the reincarnation of his dead rat.

Remember that part in “Watchmen” when Rorschach is taking the psyche-test? Yeesh. Born the son of a prostitute, Walter Kovacs is subjected to an ample amount of sex and violence way too early. Rorschach is about as right-wing as superheroes come, seeing things in terms of good or evil with absolutely no room for compromise. He is utterly incapable of being his normal self, cringing at the mere mention of his real name.

Harold Lorre
In the world of “Crossed,” maniacal cross-faced psychopaths run rampant all around the country due to an unknown ailment that drives people to do the most deplorable things imaginable. So it really says something when you’re not one of the Crossed and still just as bad as one. Case in point: Harold Lorre, a human survivor with an insatiable lust for murder, cannibalism, and necrophilia. He’s a paranoid schizophrenic that enjoys infiltrating other groups of survivors and having his way with them.

Chainsaw Vigilante
Straight out of the pages of “The Tick,” Henry Hearst is a crazed chainsaw wielding vigilante that has an inexplicable, deep-seated hatred for all superheroes. Donning a leather jacket and a smiley face mask, the Chainsaw Vigilante takes great pleasure in terrorizing the superheroes of Deertown-Hobleville by aggressively waving his chainsaw around and threatening to cut them. To this day, he’s never actually killed anyone; shallow cuts are usually sufficient enough to drive away his enemies.

The Joker
Perhaps the most well known psychopath in all of comic book history, the Joker’s “superpower” is actually his deranged mind, i.e. his “super-sanity.” He is highly unpredictable and highly unstable, making him one of the most feared men in the entire DC universe. The Joker has done a number of insanely awful things in the past; including the likes of beating Robin to death with a crowbar, crippling Barbara Gordon, and shooting people on Christmas Day for no reason.

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