'Walking Dead' Season Three: Welcome To Woodbury


We already know who is heading to prison on the season premiere of "The Walking Dead." But what happens to everyone else? Where will Andrea and Michonne go? And what's that we keep hearing about a twisted Governor and a town called Woodbury?

Ahead of the "Walking Dead" season three premiere this Sunday (October 14), we're looking into the most anticipated locations the zombie apocalypse has to offer: a community where nothing is quite as it seems.


Led by Philip Blake, a man who prefers to go by the name the Governor, Woodbury is a small town taken over by a group of survivors of the flesh-eating plague sweeping across the globe. A safe haven on the surface, Woodbury proves itself to have a darker heart with men as vicious as the Governor and his flunkies, like the long lost Merle Dixon.

Dallas Roberts

There are other survivors in the Woodbury community, too, though at this early point ahead of the new season, we're not entirely sure who we'll meet. Will Lilly Caul, one of the key players in the "Walking Dead" comics and novels, make an appearance on the show? That's not known just yet. But we do know we'll meet a man named Milton, a "details guy" who helps the Governor figure out how the zombies tick. Exactly how he plans to figure that out is an entirely different (and likely very messy) story altogether.


Even if we don't know every single person currently living in Woodbury, we do know two of the people making their way to the community: gun-toting Andrea, separated from Rick's group during the season two finale, and her sword-swinging savior Michonne. The unlikely duo will find themselves in the Governor's town before long, and when they arrive, everyone's going to want to have a weapon in hand — because if the comic book relationship between the Governor and Michonne is any indication, things are going to get ugly and dangerous very fast.

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