‘Walking Dead’ Season Three Cast Gets Life In Prison

The Walking Dead” is about to go directly to jail, with season three premiering on Sunday (October 14) and showing us a brand new safe haven for our not-so-merry band of survivors. Not all of our heroes will be headed behind bars, but that’s the fate that awaits the vast majority of the show’s main characters.

Before the premiere, though, it’s worth taking the pulse of where the characters were physically and emotionally when last we saw them. Read on for our rundown!

The Ricktator
Having just killed his best friend in order to keep his group (and his marriage) intact, Rick Grimes is now realizing that survival in the apocalypse means hard choices and even harder resolve. It’s a good mentality for a leader of men, but perhaps not a great one for a husband and father with a brand new baby on the way.

Lori and the Kids
The safety of her children — one of whom is unborn — is first and foremost on the mind of Lori Grimes. But that’s not a mindset easily understood by Rick or Carl, their young son who grows more and more rebellious and independent by the minute. It’s even harder to accept when Rick feels that he killed Shane for Lori. Needless to say, lots of confused emotions going on with the Grimes gang.

The Lovers
Love is still in the air, however, thanks to Maggie and Glenn, who found their way to each other during their time on the Greene family farm. Even though Maggie lost a lot of loved ones over the course of season two, she gained a new one in Glenn, giving hope to everybody in the group that love can survive the apocalypse.

The Greene Team
As far as Hershel and his family are concerned, he only has two children left: Maggie and Beth. The rest of the Greene family is gone, lost in the assault on the farm at the end of season two. The god-fearing Hershel is likely more lost now than ever before — a dangerous recipe for a man with his experience.

The Lone Gunman
Speaking of dangerous men, there are few survivors in Rick’s group better suited to the current situation than Daryl Dixon. Crossbow in hand and eyes on the road ahead of him, Daryl is finally readying himself to do what he must for the sake of the team. Slowly but surely, his status as the group’s loner is starting to chip away.

The Scraps
What about Carol and T-Dog, two of the lesser-seen members of the “Walking Dead” cast? Carol suffered a devastating loss in season two when her daughter, Sophia, was turned by the walkers and killed by Rick. Her friendship with Daryl might be her saving grace in this horrible world. As for T-Dog? Well, dude’s just lucky to be here, isn’t he?

And as for the rest of the “Walking Dead” cast — well, those guys are headed somewhere completely different. We’ll talk about them later this week.

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