'Arrow' Recap: 'Pilot'


by Ryan Rigley

Look out Starling City! There's a new vigilante running around town, with a list of names and a score to settle. Last night's premiere episode of The CW's "Arrow" did not waste any time with a back story, choosing instead to pickup right when Oliver Queen is rescued and brought back into normal society. Almost immediately, we learn that Oliver is a billionaire playboy who comes from a wealthy and illustrious family.

However, being stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere for five years really changes a person, as made apparent by Oliver's desperate and mysterious need to eradicate the scum and villainy from his darling Starling City. Donning a green hooded cowl, Oliver takes to the streets in order to take down one of the biggest crime lords in town: Adam Hunt.

Click past the jump for our recap of the "Arrow" premiere! Also, SPOILERS. Obviously.

Within the first fifteen minutes of last night's episode, we were introduced to a number of key supporting characters. Let's start with the Queen family: Thea (Oliver's sister), Moira (Oliver's mother), Robert (Oliver's dead father), and Walter Steele (Oliver's new father). Obviously, tensions arise as Oliver learns that his mother has re-married after his father's untimely death but he's got much bigger fish to fry, as we find out a little later in the episode.

Soon, we find ourselves at a local Legal Aid Office where Laurel Lance (Oliver's ex-girlfriend) currently works. Tommy (Oliver's happy-go-lucky friend) decides that it's a good idea to take Oliver to pay Laurel a visit. However, we then find out that Oliver had been sleeping with Sarah Lance (Laurel's sister) while he and Laurel were still together. And, to make matters worse, Oliver is partially responsible for Sarah's death; she was on the boat with him and his dad at the time of the accident.

After Oliver and Tommy are taken hostage by an unruly gang of masked men, we finally see Oliver jump into action; kicking as much ass as humanly possible. Back at home, Moira hires John Diggle (bodyguard/babysitter) to watch over Oliver at all times. But although he's an ex-military officer, Oliver seems to have absolutely no problem sneaking away from the poor guy.

Breaking into his dad's old, abandoned factory, Oliver sets up a hideout for himself; shooting tennis balls with arrows and doing really intense pullups. Finally, he takes to the streets, confronting Adam Hunt and his thugs in a parking lot. Later that day, Oliver leaves his welcome home party to confront Mr. Hunt once again; this time, stealing a large amount of money from his bank account and distributing it to several of his biggest opposing clients. Kind of like a modern day Robin Hood!

One of the biggest things that stuck out to me about "Arrow" is the fact that Oliver seems pretty ready and willing to kill his enemies. I mean, he actually threatens to kill one of them quite menacingly. Obviously he only has Starling City's best intentions in mind but it still struck me as rather odd that he would resort to fighting crime in this regard right off the bat. In the comics, Green Arrow has in fact been known to kill his enemies but only under the most dire of circumstances.

Another thing that really stood out for me was that shot of Deathstroke's mask on the island in the beginning of the episode. Assuming that it was meant to be Deathstroke's mask, what could the significance of placing it on the island mean for the series as a whole? I guess we'll just have to wait to find out! Also, it turns out Oliver's mom is evil.

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