'Avengers' Shawarma Scene Is All Thanks To Nicholas Brendon's 'Buffy' Audition

Avengers Shawarma Scene

Just how far back does Joss Whedon's hunger for Earth's mightiest snack — shawarma, for those not paying attention — really go? The answer: pretty damn far.

Courtesy of CinemaBlend, we have video evidence of Whedon chatting about Tony Stark's favorite mystery meat as far back as the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Chosen Collection. But the reason he's talking about it goes back even further: apparently, the entire reason that Nicholas Brendon won the role of Xander on "Buffy" is because he inserted a shawarma reference into his audition.

Whedon explains: "We brought him in, we weren't sure, it wasn't a slam dunk, it hardly ever is … and Nicky just tore the place apart, was just weird. We hadn't seen it before. Afterwards, he was like, 'Does anybody feel like shawarma? I feel like some shawarma!' And I was like, 'This guy speaks to me!' That was it. I knew there was no other Xander."

"If you had said falafel," he continues, "you might not be here."

There you have it. The shawarma reference in "Avengers" is all Xander's fault. That should earn Mr. Brendon a cameo in the sequel, right?

See the video yourself below:

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