‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Sequel: Casting Harry Osborn

News broke yesterday that Mary Jane Watson would be joining the “Amazing Spider-Man” sequel, potentially played by Shailene Woodley. Also swinging onto the scene is Peter Parker’s troubled best friend, Harry Osborn, though there isn’t currently a known front-runner for the part.

While the role is still open, here are our six suggestions for who should play Harry in the next “Spider-Man” movie.

Paul Dano
Dano has charm and charisma to spare, but it’s not hard for him to get seriously sinister when he wants to be. Sounds like the Harry we all know and love, right?

Jesse Eisenberg
He already faced off against Garfield once in “Social Network.” We’re due for a grudge match, except this time, let’s swap out court rooms and Facebook for skyscrapers and web-shooters, shall we?

Dave Franco
Sure, his brother had the role last time. That’s part of why it’s such a weirdly wonderful choice, though; you almost know what he’ll bring to it already, with the key word being almost. Perhaps it’s too weird to actually happen, but in an alternate universe, the younger Franco positively nailed it as Harry.

Taylor Kitsch
We refer back to the Finnick Odair defense: Kitsch is in desperate need of a big success, and a supporting role in a movie the size and scope of “Spider-Man” would all but guarantee him a hit. It would be a break from his normal leading man mold, too, giving him a nice new set of muscles to flex for all the world to see.

Ezra Miller
As my colleague Kevin P. Sullivan said when suggesting this one, it’s just a matter of minutes before Ezra Miller lands a comic book movie. Harry represents everything that Miller excels at: your affable best pal who in the blink of an eye becomes your worst nightmare.

Aaron Paul
Say it with us now: “Yo, bitch!” Sony, make this happen or we’ll send Heisenberg after you.

Who would you cast as Harry Osborn in the “Spider-Man” sequel? List your picks in the comments section below or hit us up on Twitter!