Mark Millar Speaks Out About His Fox, 'X-Men' And 'Fantastic Four' Involvement


What exactly is Mark Millar's role when it comes to Fox's Marvel movies? According to the comic book writer himself, it's not far away from how Joss Whedon will be functioning in the near-future of Marvel Studios.

"The job at Fox is officially 'Creative Consultant' and if there's a comparable job, I guess it's probably what Joss is doing over with Marvel Studios," Millar said in an interview with the Word Balloon podcast. Their discussion, helpfully transcribed by Comic Book Movie, covers a wide range of topics, including Millar's very honest assessment of the quality of Fox's superhero films over the years.

For example, Millar isn't shy about addressing the bad and the ugly — from the sound of things, he's as wild about the two "Fantastic Four" films as the rest of us — but he also makes it clear that Fox has gotten a lot right over the years.

"Bryan Singer's 'X-Men' for example, I think revolutionized superhero movies," he said. "To open with a Holocaust scene in a superhero movie was just unheard of. Fox get a lot of flak for the films which didn't work out, and quite rightly, but you forget that they've done some really great stuff too. I'm thinking specifically of 'X-Men,' 'X-Men 2' and 'X-Men: First Class.'"

As for where things are going with Marvel's First Family, Millar was quick to praise "Chronicle" director Josh Trank's involvement. "It could just not be more different than the first Fantastic Four movie from what I've seen so far," he said. "Even just as a fan, I'm very, very excited by the level of talent they have on the directors side of things."

"The team who is running the show over there now I'm very comfortable with," he added of his involvement with Fox. "I actually really like everything that they're doing, and they recognize more than anyone the mistakes that they've made in the past and they just want to do right by the fans. Hiring myself was a first step in a number of things that they're planning and they just really want to be respectful to the material I think. 'X-Men: First Class,' which I absolutely loved, just feels like planting the flag for what they're planning to do over the next few years."

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