'Walking Dead' Cast Debate: Woodbury vs. The Prison

Can't wait for Sunday's all new, zombie-slaying, fight for survival that is AMC's "The Walking Dead?" Fear not, dedicated fans, for MTV News has got you covered via a weighty debate among the cast members about a very important season three subject: If you were in a zombie apocalypse would you rather live in Woodbury or the prison?

Here's what the cast had to say!

"Woodbury absolutely," said David Morrissey, aka The Governor. "I think Woodbury is quite like an idyllic place. I think people would say they'd like to be in Woodbury without the Governor being there, but I think compared to the prison it's fantastic - that's true in the story and it's also true in the filming."

But as many of us know, Woodbury isn't all rainbows and sunshine. "It is a glossy town with a dark heart," said Danai Gurira.

Melissa McBride had a tough time making the decision, particularly in knowing all she does about what goes down in each locale. "I don't know," she said. "I still like the prison."

"The prison is so filthy it reminds me of the projects," countered IronE Singleton. "And I don’t want to be back at the prison. It's nasty and filthy and I dealt with that my whole life."

Meanwhile, Laurie Holden tried to make a case for being in both places.

"It's tricky because it's really heaven and hell in many ways," she said. "But home is where the heart is and home is with my friends even though they're in hell and I miss them all so terribly and want to be with them. They are such extremes, they really are living in a refugee camp that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy."

Perhaps the best answer, according to Robert Kirkman, is neither.

"Neither of these places are the most fun great place to be," he said. "This show is about hardship and these characters struggling to survive. The fact that both places have bad things about them makes for a much more interesting story."

Where would you want to live, the prison or Woodbury? Let us know in the comments section below or hit us up on Twitter!