'Arrow' Preview: Can Oliver And Laurel Get It Together?


Oliver Queen might be something of a ladies man, but he'll always be haunted by the one who got away — or, more accurately, the one he pushed away by sleeping with another woman right before a fatal boating accident.

When "Arrow" premieres on October 10, viewers will quickly realize there's bad blood between Ollie and his former flame Laurel. Before his turn as a crime-fighter, Oliver's womanizing ways led him to a secret relationship with someone very close to Laurel. That affair ended tragically during the same incident that left Oliver stranded on an island for five years — and to hear stars Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy tell it, time has certainly not healed all wounds between Ollie and Laurel.

"Before he goes to the island, Oliver is an incredibly selfish, petulant and immature person," Amell told MTV News at Comic-Con this year. "He obviously has some sort of charisma, or otherwise he wouldn't be able to get with Katie's character. But he made every mistake possible."

"We set up the show in the real world," Amell continued. "Green Arrow is a character who can get hurt. I like the fact that Oliver Queen doesn't get to come back to birthday cakes and parties. He comes back to real problems with the people he cares about."

Is it a lost cause for Oliver and Laurel? Not necessarily, according to Cassidy.

"There's such a strong connection between the two of them," she said. "She fell in love with him. He was the one for her. I think he still is, although in her mind, he's done some things that were very upsetting."

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