Ruth Wilson's 'Ms. Marvel,' Starring The 'Luther' Cast

Word has it that "Luther" villain Ruth Wilson is up for the role of Carol Danvers — aka Ms. Marvel — in Joss Whedon's "Avengers" sequel. While the possibility remains firmly in the rumor category, we couldn't stop our minds from running wild with the idea of secret serial killer Alice Morgan carrying the banner as one of the greatest heroes the Marvel Universe has to offer. But what about the rest of the "Luther" cast? Who would they play in Wilson's "Ms. Marvel" movie? Here's what we came up with.

Warning: "Luther" spoilers ahead!


Ruth Wilson as Ms. Marvel

Although I'd always be worried that she'd be this close to seeking out Asgard and going completely psycho-postal on Heimdall, I see why Wilson's name is being connected to Carol Danvers. Physically, Wilson is a perfect fit for one of Marvel's finest heroes, capable of overpowering any villain with little more than a look. Beyond that, you don't need to do anything more than watch the series premiere of "Luther" to see just how shockingly talented Wilson is; her dramatic range is second to very few actors in her age group. I still prefer Emily Blunt for Carol, but I would happily root for Wilson in the role.

Now, onto the rest of the cast...


Warren Brown as Mar-Vell

As Luther's trusty partner Detective Sergeant Justin Ripley, Brown plays smart, strong and loyal better than most — all of which are qualities often attributed to the great Kree warrior. Give the man sandy blonde hair and he would stand shoulder to shoulder with Wilson's Danvers with ease as her friend, occasional lover and source of her eventual powers.


Steven Mackintosh as Yon-Rogg

Mackintosh's Ian Reed is more or less the model for jerk-holes who ruin everything, so it would make sense if he played the jerk-hole who kidnaps Captain Marvel and leads to Carol becoming Ms. Marvel. If nothing else, Mackintosh as an expendable Kree baddy would give the world another chance to watch the sometimes Alice murder the crap out of the weasely Reed.


Paul McGann as Michael Barnett

Even Ms. Marvel needs someone to talk to. To that end, there are few better people than Michael Barnett, Carol's psychologist turned eventual lover — a role perfectly suited for the even-tempered McGann, who stars on "Luther" as Mark North, a man who befriends the titular detective through unexpected and tragic means. Speaking of unexpected and tragic, those are two words commonly associated with the short-lived Barnett — whose death comes at the hands of...


Indira Varma as Mystique

One of Ms. Marvel's greatest foes is also a villain own by Fox — so yes, it's a rights issue. Put that aside for a moment and rejoin us in bizarro-dream-casting land. Varma had a pivotal role on season two of "Human Target," among other geek-friendly credits. That's just icing on the cake in terms of why she works as the shape-shifting mutant; she's seductive, she's exotic, she's sharp-tongued… she's pretty much perfect.


Idris Elba as Heimdall

Hey. Shut up. Somehow, we will make this make sense, and it will be epic.

How would you cast a "Ms. Marvel" movie using the "Luther" cast? Give us your suggestions in the comments below or on Twitter!