'Walking Dead' Season Three Clip Goes On The Road

The "Walking Dead" cast and Tenacious D don't have a ton in common, but they both know this simple truth: the road is bleeping hard, and also really bleeping tough.

It's even harder to survive life on the road when you're in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, as the "Walking Dead" survivors know all too well by the time season three rolls around. The first official clip from the AMC drama's upcoming season premiere, titled "Seed," has come online, giving you a glimpse at just how bad living on asphalt can get.

You know life isn't going well when it's up to the group's only prepubescent survivor to keep watch during a fifteen-minute reprieve from zombie-dodging. That's exactly the situation as Rick Grimes and his companions pause in the heat of the afternoon to figure out where their weary caravan is going to go next. But as T-Dog points out, the gang has seemingly been traveling in circles all winter long — yet another clue at how much time has passed since last we saw our "Walking Dead" heroes — and even Rick knows that the stress of their situation is becoming too much to bare.

With few to no options in front of them, Rick and the rest are about to come upon one possible alternative to life on the road: life behind bars.

"The Walking Dead" returns this Sunday (October 17) at 9 p.m. ET.

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