'Taken 2' Special: The Toughest Old Men In Comics


by Ryan Rigley

Today marks the release of the highly anticipated "Taken" sequel, in which retired CIA agent Bryan Mills and his wife are taken by the father of the kidnapper that he killed in the first movie. Mills, played by Liam Neeson, has proven to be one tough old man with his particular set of skills. It doesn't matter whether he's retired or not, he will find you and he will kill you.

In honor of "Taken 2," we thought it best to compile our own list of tough old men. Tough old men in comic books, to be precise! These guys have been around for quite some time now, and despite their age, these aging badasses could kick your young ass any day of the week. Keep reading if you're cruising for a bruising.



Erik Lensherr has been alive since before the dawn of World War II. In fact, he's a Jewish Holocaust survivor whose main goal in life is to make sure that the mutant race doesn't suffer a similar fate. Throughout his many years, Magneto has been a supervillain, an anti-hero and even a superhero fighting either for or against the X-Men. His ability to control all forms of magnetism and metals makes him one of the most powerful mutants on the planet.

The Saint of all Killers

The Saint of Killers

Formerly the most feared soldier in the entire Confederate Army, the Saint of Killers is now one of the most feared forces in the entire universe. His insatiable lust for death makes him an obstacle for even the Devil himself, whose hell-fires were frozen because of the Saint of Killers' cold, cold heart. Striking a deal with the Devil, the Saint of Killers now roams the Earth as the unstoppable and indestructible Angel of Death.


Alfred Pennyworth

Batman's trusted and most-esteemed ally, Alfred Pennyworth isn't just merely Bruce Wayne's butler. He's also his father figure, mentor, assistant, and confidant. Often times, Alfred will provide the comic relief during intense situations in the Batcave. He and Bruce have had their fair share of differences in the past, but no matter what, Alfred always has Bruce's best interests in mind. You know you're one tough cookie when you're the guy that Batman looks up to.



Created by Robert Kirkman in 2003, Brit became a completely indestructible superhero after drinking a serum created by his father. With a body now impervious to any and every kind of physical injury, Brit joins the army and eventually is hired by the government as a superhero for hire. He's been around since the first World War, still alive and well due to his slowed down aging process. Unlike other invulnerable superheroes, Brit is only as strong as a regular human of his physique would be.

Old Man Logan

Old Man Logan

First appearing in Mark Millar's "Wolverine" epic, Old Man Logan exists in an alternate reality in which all of Earth's supervillains have finally succeeded in their quest for global domination. In this universe, all of the Marvel superheroes that we know and love have been dead for decades. Logan, only managing to survive by hiding under the radar, has taken a vow of non-violence; raising his family and refusing to pop his adamantium claws. But when push comes to shove, Old Man Logan proves, without a doubt, that he is still the best there is at what he does.

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