'Walking Dead' Trailer Shows A Very Pregnant Lori


The drama will be heightened in the third season of "The Walking Dead" as two groups of survivors with different ideals face off against one another.

TV Guide has an exclusive new trailer from AMC's hit show that focuses on the two rival groups at the prison and Woodbury. Rick and company hope to find shelter at the zombie-overrun prison that was teased at the end of season two, while Andrea and Michonne find more than they bargain for with The Governor at Woodbury. And about a certain baby...

This trailer show us that Lori is very pregnant in season three. Like very, very pregnant. We can see her in one scene holding her belly as she runs, and it looks like she's fit to pop. Is there a time jump in the show's opening episodes? It seems like it, and it also seems like actress Sarah Wayne Callies could get her wish for her character's storyline.

The more we see of season three, the more excited we are for it. The idea of these two factions circling one another until they finally meet up down the road is an interesting way to build tension in the new season. We'll also be interested to see just how long it takes for Andrea to realize The Governor is a dude she doesn't want to mess with.

"The Walking Dead" returns on October 14.

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