Who Is Guillermo Del Toro's 'Hulk' Waiting For?


Guillermo del Toro wants to bring "Hulk" to television. But something is getting in the way of the Jade Giant's small-screen hulk-out: a particular, as-yet unidentified writer.

"Right now all I know is the official word I was given is that there's a writer they want," del Toro told Shock Till You Drop. "They are very interested in me meeting with him. He's very, very busy. "

So, who is this writer Marvel is so keen on GDT meeting with? Could it be another major Marvel fixture, someone who already has his hands in bringing the House of Ideas to TV — someone like, say, Joss Whedon?

Whedon's role at Marvel has expanded, after all, and he's one of the key figures responsible for making Hulk such a successful character in "Marvel's The Avengers." It's speculative at this point, but we wouldn't be even slightly surprised to hear that Whedon is getting seriously involved in the "Hulk" TV plans.

No matter who this writer is, it might turn out that "Hulk" doesn't move forward at all. "After Avengers having the success it had, perhaps the fate of the project may change," del Toro admitted. "Right now officially what I know — and I'm not hiding anything off the record or anything — is that we were told we were waiting for this writer, and we were going to do it with him."

Who do you think the "Hulk" TV series is waiting on? Let us know your theories in the comments section or hit us up on Twitter!

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