'Iron Man' Director Jon Favreau Is 'Very Proud' Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Jon Favreau

Without Joss Whedon, "Marvel's The Avengers" would not be the success that it was. But without Jon Favreau, we wouldn't have even gotten to the "Avengers" stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Though Favreau has since passed off the directing reins on the "Iron Man" franchise to Shane Black, he remains "very involved" in the upcoming sequel (as well as other Marvel movies) as a producer. Speaking with Crave Online, Favreau expressed his pride in the work Marvel has done over the past several years, and the work still to come.

His full quote on the subject:

You know, I enjoy working with those guys. You've got to remember when we started doing "Iron Man," they had gotten some money from an investment group and it was going to be their own studio and no studio was going to influence them creatively. It was going to be about the underlying IP, about the fans, about the filmmakers.

Then we cast Robert and the personality of the film really started to coalesce. That personality in that film that we did on the fly with relatively limited resources compared to what they have now, slowly evolved into a tone and narrative style and a world and a cast of characters that, when coupled with what was done on Hulk, Thor and Captain America, turned into a whole movie world that now has become a sandbox for other filmmakers to play in.

It's very fulfilling to see that, not unlike what I'm experiencing on "Revolution." You do the pilot, you help find the cast, you help establish the tone and then other great creative people come in and build upon that. It's exciting to watch what Joss is able to do with "Avengers" and what Shane [Black] is able to do with "Iron Man 3."

Being an executive producer on those films and being one on the pilot and working on the series, you feel like you're part of it but you don't have the same responsibilities but you get all the satisfaction out of it too. It allows you to do other things and pursue other goals as well. It was a nice act of progression and, knock wood, I'm proud of what the other filmmakers have done and how they built upon it. I think if they weren't doing a good job I might feel differently. I'm very proud.

Head to Crave Online for more of Favreau's thoughts on his new NBC series "Revolution."

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