'Dark Knight Rises' Documentary 'Reborn' Attached To Best Buy Blu-Ray Edition

Dark Knight Rises

The "Dark Knight Rises" arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on December 4, but it's not just when you're getting the release that matters — it's also how, if you want to get your hands on certain bonus features.

Superhero Hype has a helpful rundown of Target and Best Buy's exclusive editions of the "Dark Knight Rises" home video release, including special features that are unique to each version. Target's offering comes equipped with a book (no word on what it contains) with your choice of Batman or Bane covers. The Best Buy edition, however, has an even more intriguing exclusive: a documentary.

The doc is titled "Reborn," and like the book that comes with Target's "Dark Knight Rises" release, the details of the documentary are not yet known. But if it's a lengthy, holistic look at the creation of Christopher Nolan's Batman epic, then the Best Buy version of "Rises" might be the one you want.

In other superhero Blu-ray and DVD news, the home video release of "The Avengers" is doing phenomenal business, to the surprise of precisely no one. Check out SHH's rundown on that news.

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