'Avengers' Agent Black Widow Targets 'Winter Soldier'

Black Widow

Who will Steve Rogers be locking lips with when the next "Captain America" movie rolls into theaters? The list is down to five names at the moment — but whoever winds up as the romantic lead, she won't be the only formidable female hanging around Cap in the upcoming sequel.

In addition to listing off names like Alison Brie and Emilia Clarke as possible "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" actors, Deadline also reports that none other than "Avengers" superstar Scarlett Johansson could be reprising her role as Black Widow alongside the Man out of Time.

Comic book readers shouldn't be surprised to hear that Natasha Romanoff might have a big role to play in "Winter Soldier." The assassin that the "Cap" sequel derives its subtitle from — a brainwashed and time-displaced James "Bucky" Barnes, played by Sebastian Stan — is an on-again off-again love interest for Widow in the comics, after all. "Winter Soldier," in other words, provides Widow with more than a few opportunities to further explain that nasty red she's got on her ledger.

Furthermore, it's long been said that S.H.I.E.L.D. will factor heavily into Captain America's next big-screen adventure. As the most recognizable S.H.I.E.L.D. operative this side of Nick Fury's good eye, Widow's involvement in Cap's next assignment is all but guaranteed. Still, nice to hear further confirmation of the hunch we've been harboring for quite some time now.

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