‘Captain America’ Sequel: Who Will Become Steve Rogers’ New Love Interest?

Guess there really wasn’t anything Anna Kendrick could tell us about “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” after all. A new list of five actresses in contention for the female lead of Marvel’s “Captain America” sequel has emerged, and Kendrick’s name is absent entirely. In her place are several other familiar faces, many of whom already have their fair share of street cred in the geek space.

Read on to see who Marvel Studios is looking at for Steve Rogers’ next romantic interest.

Alison Brie
The “Mad Men” and “Community” darling could be seen as a front runner for the “Captain America” gig, considering that she’s already very familiar with directors Anthony and Joe Russo. Brie has also proven her chops both in the drama and comedy scenes, traits that work well within Marvel’s tonally versatile universe.

Emilia Clarke
Fire cannot kill a dragon, but the erstwhile Daenerys Targaryen could certainly set even a time-displaced super-soldier like Rogers’ heart ablaze. With her star already on the rise thanks to “Game of Thrones,” “Captain America” would only catapult Clarke to an even higher level.

Jessica Brown Findlay
By now, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about “Downton Abbey,” if you’re not already obsessed with the British soap. Those already indoctrinated in the turbulent lives of the Crawley family will be delighted to see the likes of Lady Sybil in the running for “Cap 2.”

Teresa Palmer
Having already appeared in genre flicks like “I Am Number Four,” “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and the forthcoming “Warm Bodies,” a key role in the “Captain America” franchise seems like the next big step for a rising star like Palmer.

Imogen Poots
The lone holdover from the first round of “Captain America” contenders, there’s clearly something about Poots that has piqued Marvel’s curiosity — aside from her incredibly awesome name, that is.

Thanks to Deadline for the list of contenders.

Who do you want to see in the “Captain America” sequel’s leading lady spot? Let us know in the comments section or hit us up on Twitter!

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