'Arrow' Featurette Promises This Isn't Your Average Superhero Show


The Green Arrow doesn't need superpowers to right his city's wrongs, and that's something that the people behind "Arrow" want to make clear.

The CW has released a promo highlighting some of the aspects of the new series that set it apart from other superhero stories that have come before it. Chief among them is the fact that leading man Oliver Queen only needs his titular weapon to defeat his enemies.

"'Arrow' is the story about a superhero who is real. He doesn't have superpowers, he has learned abilities," Stephen Amell, the actor who plays Oliver, explained.

As we already know, "Arrow" takes place after billionaire Oliver Queen goes missing for five years. He returns with a desire to purge his home city of the evils that plague it, and is a very different man than the one who those closest to him once knew.

This featurette shows the ways that other characters have changed in the five years since Oliver was presumed dead, including Detective Quentin Lance, his daughter Laurel Lance and Tommy Merlyn.

"I am Oliver's best friend since childhood. I certainly am hoping that the party's going to start back up again now that he's back," Colin Donnell, who plays Tommy, said in the featurette.

The bottom line? There will be no capes, no cackling and no supervillains in this TV series. Instead, "Arrow" will tell the story of a hero, "not a superhero," and that is what will make it interesting to watch. Hey, we're sold.

"Arrow" premieres on October 10.

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