Five Reasons To Watch 'Walking Dead' Web Series 'Cold Storage'

Walking Dead

With 12 days to go until "The Walking Dead" returns to cable television, the folks at AMC were kind enough to come up with an easy solution to ease you back into the zombie apocalypse. Yesterday the newest "Walking Dead" web series, titled "Cold Storage," made its way online for our viewing pleasure.

It's definitely not the real deal, but "Cold Storage" has got plenty of great qualities to remind us that there's more than just our favorite group of survivors out there. They might not be doing anything as exciting as discovering the prison or killing zombies with a katana, but they still have stories worth telling. Without further ado, here are the reasons we think it's worth your time to check out "Cold Storage."

The Survivors

We knew from day one that Rick, Lori, Daryl and the rest of the bunch weren't the only group of survivors who lived after the dead started walking. Meeting Hershel and his family in season two and now the Governor and the rest of the people at Woodbury in season three are proof of that. But what about the people who live outside of this little "The Walking Dead" bubble? It's a treat to get to see their stories, no matter how short-lived some of them may be.

"We Are The Chosen Ones"

The nicest part of getting to meet new characters in "The Walking Dead" universe is getting to see people with different mentalities. We all know how Rick and co. feel about the zombie apocalypse, but B.J.'s a man who literally thinks the survivors have been chosen to watch the world burn. His actions because of that might not be commendable, but the fact that he actually thinks they were chosen is pretty freaking cool.

The Zombie Kills

Sure, "Cold Storage" isn't up to "The Walking Dead" TV show quality, but it's still got some pretty great special effects. That's likely thanks to director/co-executive producer/special effects extraordinaire Greg Nicotero who directed these four webisodes. We don't want to spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it yet, but there's one zombie kill in the third webisode that is particularly well-executed and actually had us a bit terrified watching it.

The Surprises

You'd think in a four-episode-long web series that's only about 24 minutes long that we'd know what we're in for. But "Cold Storage" takes a couple surprising turns that were ultimately very satisfying. Here's to hoping that next season's web series is as high quality as this one is.

The Opportunity For A Sequel

Spoiler: not everyone dies at the end! That's something to be very excited about in the world of "The Walking Dead." And at least the characters who did die did so in style.

What did you think of "The Walking Dead: Cold Storage"? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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