'Avengers' Movie App Offers Closer Look At Thanos


Thanos had only a few precious seconds of screen time in "Marvel's The Avengers," but the appearance was memorable enough to leave fans' minds racing over the possibilities of his next appearance. When we spoke with Kevin Feige at Marvel, he was coy about where Thanos will pop up next, but insisted that there are very specific plans for the Mad Titan's role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While we all wait to hear more about Thanos' future at Marvel, we can at least enjoy a few new looks at the death-worshipping villain thanks to high-res screen grabs from "Marvel's The Avengers" Second Screen Experience app, captured by the good folks at Comic Book Movie. See some Thanos images below!

Are you excited about Thanos' future in the Marvel Studios movies? Where are you expecting him to pop up next? Sound off with your theories in the comments or on Twitter!

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