Ben Affleck Tackles 'Justice League,' 'Daredevil' Reboot Rumors

Remember how much fun everyone had with the rumor that Ben Affleck had been tapped to direct the "Justice League" movie? Lots of fun. And you know who had the most fun with that story? Affleck himself.

When MTV News caught up to the actor/director recently during the press day for his buzzworthy new film "Argo," we asked him for his thoughts about that "Justice League" mumbo jumbo and the superhero genre at large.

"What happens is that there's a lot of bloggers and Internet interest around superhero movies, so there's regularly a rumor that comes up, obviously [with regard to] 'Justice League' once 'Avengers' happened they think, 'Well it would be crazy not to make "Justice League,"' and I'm sure they will," Affleck said. "I guess I should be flattered, and I'm sure it will be cool. I've seen some of the stuff from the new Superman movie and that stuff is awesome. I think they took a really cool, real approach to Superman, which no one has done before, so if that trend continues I'm sure 'Justice League' will be great."

So given the man's prior experience with superherodom, i.e. 2003's "Daredevil," might he be game to take on a different comic book, particularly since that genre has evolved so much in recent years?

"I would if there was one I liked. I had a negative experience with the one comic book I liked, it was just a movie that didn't work," Affleck said. "It's such a shame because first of all 'Daredevil' [is] a great book, great idea and then right after that they figured out that it was better to make the movies good and then they started making them cool and investing in them."

"I felt like I was in the 1930s with that outfit, the trousers: 'Hey chum, hold up there! This fella's trying to rob a bank!'" he joked of his turn as the blind guardian angel. "It was a drag but I did love it as a kid and they're rebooting it."

In fact, despite the poor reception "Daredevil" received, Affleck was actually contacted about getting involved in the planned reboot. But he never entertained the notion because he felt "that wouldn't be a reboot" if he was involved.

"But I really hope they do a good job because that's a great property and deserves something really really good," he continued, stressing that he'd "love" to work on another comic book movie "if it was the right one and if I thought I could do it well."

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