‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Star Ryan Hurst: Five Superheroes He Could Play

Despite appearances to the contrary, “The Avengers” and “Sons of Anarchy” have quite a bit in common. They both center on groups of disparate people coming together for a greater cause, and they’re both two of my favorite things right now.

Okay, that’s not a lot, exactly, but it’s enough to make me wonder how some of the “Sons” would do if relocated to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

One actor in particular I’d like to see in a Marvel movie is Ryan Hurst, known on “Sons” for playing Opie Winston: best friend to SAMCRO President Jax Teller, best biker beard on television, and all-around badass. Last week, Hurst was at the core of one of the most important scenes in “Sons” history. No spoilers on that here, but it did leave me thinking that the actor is more than well-suited for a wide range of Marvel heroes. Read on for five of them after the jump.

On looks, size and stature alone, Hurst has Herc on lock. It’s a lighter-spirited character than the dark and brooding Opie, sure, but my gut says Hurst can pull that off with ease. Any movie where the erstwhile Ope goes around battling monsters and living through myths is a movie that has my ticket money.

A bit young for the part? Perhaps. But again, on sheer size alone, Hurst has what it takes to bring the time-traveling mutant to life. A Cable movie would be a blast if done right, and Hurst would be an inspired choice to get the job done.

Ghost Rider
Not a fan of the Nicolas Cage take on the Spirit of Vengeance? Perhaps Hurst would be more to your liking. I make no apologies for my unbridled love for Cage’s latest “Ghost Rider” movie, but I would happily tune into a grittier version of the tale with Hurst once again on the bike.

Skaar, Son of Hulk
We were talking about “Planet Hulk” just the other day, weren’t we? To get Skaar into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’re probably looking as far down the road as Phase Four or Five. But if a “Skaar” movie were made today, Hurst would be my pick to bring the ferocious, battle-hardened alien-barbarian to frightening life.

Can you imagine Hurst’s menacing presence lurking over Andrew Garfield’s lithe frame in an “Amazing Spider-Man” sequel? Sure, it’s a bit soon for another Spidey versus Venom flick, but when the inevitable day comes that Eddie Brock is once again required on the big-screen, the hulking Hurst would be a terrific choice to sync up with the symbiotic.

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