Maurissa Tancharoen: Agent Of W.H.E.D.O.N.

Maurissa Tancharoen

by Tami Katzoff (@tvtamijo)

Though she’s been a member of the Whedon clan for several years, Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon never ceases to marvel (no pun intended) at her brother-in-law Joss and his many talents. “It’s sort of like, can you stop being good at all things? Because it’s kind of hard for the rest of us,” she says.

But Maurissa Whedon is no slouch herself. She’s a writer, producer, actress, and singer – and one half of the team in charge of bringing S.H.I.E.L.D. to your TV (the other half is her husband Jed).

“I’ve always dipped my finger in so many things,” says Whedon. And though she’s understandably mum regarding the one super-huge thing she’s currently involved with, she’s happy to talk about her other recent and future projects. And there are many.

There’s the album “This Girl” which she and Jed released this summer. “People have compared it to an electro-Brit-pop kind of feel, but it is kind of all over the place,” says Whedon of the album, which was recorded during a particularly difficult period in her life.

“I have lupus, and last year I was hit pretty hard with a kidney flare, which basically put me out and I had to stay at home a lot,” Whedon explains. “And we thought, to pass the time let’s make some music together.” The process helped to lift her spirits as she coped with her illness. “Even though a lot of the songs have an upbeat feel to them, the lyrics deal with some darkness, so I think we were just getting all of our demons out together.”

The couple also made music for big brother’s latest labor of love, “Much Ado About Nothing.” Pay attention while watching the film and you’ll catch a glimpse of Maurissa Whedon crooning “Sigh No More” during a party scene. That ditty and a second tune, “Heavily,” were scored by Joss (who composed music for the entire movie) and Jed, but the lyrics are all Bard. For Maurissa Whedon, singing Shakespeare was a bit of an adjustment. “I was like, ‘Is this how I am supposed to say this word?’”

“Much Ado,” of course, is heavily populated by actors from the Whedonverse. And Maurissa Whedon has a role in yet another indie movie that features Whedon vets. The familiar faces of Fran Kranz, Felicia Day, Enver Gjokaj and Dichen Lachman -- who doubles as producer -- can all be seen alongside Whedon in the romantic comedy “Lust for Love,” which is now in the final stages of post-production.

As if all this wasn’t enough, Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon also has the long-awaited sequel to “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” on her crowded plate (more on that next week).

But don’t worry that Whedon’s ridiculously full schedule will bring her down. “I like to do all things,” she reiterates. “I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to do a bunch of them at the same time.”

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