'Walking Dead': The Governor's Woodbury Is An 'Oasis'

Walking Dead

With only two and a half weeks left to go until "The Walking Dead" returns to AMC, there's no character we're looking forward to meeting more than David Morrissey's The Governor.

Fortunately, we're not alone in that. Entertainment Weekly recently had a chance to sit down with Morrissey and talk about the new season. While there's been a lot of focus on the prison setting in the new episodes, Morrissey said that Woodbury will prove to be an equally important location.

"It’s an oasis in this madness," Morrissey said. "Although it looks like a fortress, there’s aspects of it that look very idyllic, which are idyllic in this world. That comes at a cost."

That's intriguing to say the least. We can get a sense of some of what Morrissey is talking about in the new images AMC has released from the first three episodes of season three. The episodes are called "Seed," "Sick" and "Walk With Me," and it seems like most of "Walk With Me" will focus on Woodbury.

We know that Andrea and Michonne both end up there, and we can see Andrea getting close with The Governor in the new images -- they even share a drink together! We already know The Governor ends up being trouble, but it will be interesting to see if that's clear from the get-go or if it takes a while for his evil nature to shine through.

"The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on October 14.

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