'Arrow' Actress Jessica De Gouw Teases Her Huntress Costume


Fans are going to have to wait until episode seven of "Arrow" to meet the show's version of The Huntress.

The DC Comics vigilante will make her first appearance in "Muse of Fire," the seventh episode of the CW's new superhero series. DC Comic's Geoff Johns and "Arrow" executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg wrote the episode, which introduces the character of Helena Bertinelli and her masked alterego. KSiteTV (via ComicBookMovie.com) recently visited the set of "Arrow" and had the chance to chat with Jessica de Gouw, who will be playing The Huntress.

De Gouw was dressed as Helena during the interview, but the outfit she was wearing had elements of purple in it as a nod to The Huntress's costume. "There are hints of purple in most things. Just a little dab here and there, just to suggest the right things, but it’s definitely part of her costume, certainly," she said.

As for the full superhero outfit, de Gouw played mum.

“You will see [me in full costume]! It’ll be great, whatever you get to see. It will be fabulous. I promise you," she said. "I’ve seen it, so I can promise it’s really something. That’s all you’re getting."

That makes it sound like we might not meet The Huntress until after Helena is introduced. Maybe even her descent into vigilantism will be portrayed on the show. That certainly gives us something to look forward to.

"Arrow" premieres on The CW on October 10.

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