'Hulk' Sequel Needs 'Sex' Angle, Josh Gad Argues

Mark Ruffalo recently told MTV News that he didn't think Marvel knew what exactly they wanted to do with the "Hulk" film franchise. For his own part, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently told us that another "Hulk" film is very much possible, just not until after "Avengers 2" hits theaters.

We've pondered some possibilities of our own as to where another story centered entirely on Bruce Banner could go. (Seriously. "Planet Hulk." Needs. To. Happen.) But we're not the only ones with an opinion around here. During our chat with Ruffalo at the Toronto International Film Festival, his "Thanks for Sharing" co-star Josh Gad offered his own ideas for where to take the Jade Giant in a future cinematic outing. His ideas are firmly outside the box. They're a little bit weird. And a little bit… dare we say it… sexy?

Check out Gad's "Hulk" ideas in the video below.