'Walking Dead' Season Three Video: Michonne Is An Efficient Killer


Three seasons into the zombie apocalypse, and ammunition is starting to become a concern — for some of our characters, that is. For others, like newcomer Michonne, guns are irrelevant when a samurai sword will do just fine.

Actress Danai Gurira joins "The Walking Dead" for its upcoming third season, and a brand new video released by AMC TV makes one thing clear: her character, Michonne, is one of the fiercest warriors this world has to offer.

"Michonne uses a katana. That is her weapon that she utilizes to deal with the zombies, eliminating the threats," Gurira says in the video. "I love learning new physical stuff. It's such an amazing craft, the katana, the samurai, the martial arts. To just get the glimmer that I've received has been awesome, watching films and working with my trainer. It's been really awesome."

Gurira describes Michonne's style as "self-taught" but "economical, effective and efficient." All of those traits come together to create an incredibly memorable experience for the actress.

"I think she's an awesome character," she said. "I'm thrilled to be stepping into her shoes. I hope I can do her justice. She's phenomenal."

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