Nathan Fillion Wants A 'Firefly' Animated Series

The "Firefly" 10 year anniversary has come and gone, but our thoughts are still all aboard Serenity. Given the huge reception the show's cast and crew received at Comic-Con this year, it's clear we're not the only ones pining for further adventures of Malcolm Reynolds and his band of big damn heroes.

Even Mal himself has given some thought to the future of the "Firefly" brand. When MTV News caught up with Nathan Fillion at the Toronto International Film Festival (where he was promoting "Much Ado about Nothing," his latest Joss Whedon collaboration), we asked Fillion where he'd like to see "Firefly" go next.

"I would like to see a 'Firefly' video game. Wouldn't that be nice?" he said. "Or an animated series. Let's do that."

Fillion said that today's computer technology could pave the way for some great CGI work on an animated "Firefly" project. But as nice as a cartoon series and video game would be, what we're really pining for is some kind of live-action "Firefly" comeback. Sadly, that doesn't look to be in the cards, judging by Fillion's assessment.

"I don't think there's going to be any more of that stuff," he said when his "Much Ado" co-star Tom Lenk asked him about possible "Serenity" sequels.

"Firefly" fans, where would you like to see the franchise go next? Let us know in the comments section below or chime in on Twitter!