Five Reasons To See 'Dredd 3D'


Today, Karl Urban takes back Judge Dredd for all of those who knew the swift-justice hero in his comic book form and delivers "Dredd 3D," an ultra-violent, video game cut scene that entertains, shocks, and stays faithful to the masked man.

If you're contemplating heading to the theater this weekend for "Dredd 3D," here are the five reasons to pony up the cash and get your butt in the seat.

Karl Urban: Best Chin Actor

It's a sad symptom of modern comic book movies that if a big star plays a character who wears a mask, they still manage to find way too much face time. That is not a problem for Karl Urban and Judge Dredd, who stays in his helmet for the entire movie, but there is a reason most heroes lose their cover at some point. It makes acting really difficult, yet Urban brings Dredd to life in a way that may not be complex, but is entertaining as hell.


Slo-Mo, the drug of choice in Mega-City One, is a story element, that while not narratively important, makes for some cool visuals and justifies them in the process. Instead of randomly slipping into slow-motion for gun fights, the synthetic drug literally slows down everything around the user, so when we see slow-mo, they see slow-mo. The drug pops up in creative ways, particularly when Lena Headey's sadistic Ma-Ma gives Slo-Mo to someone right before tossing him off of a balcony.

You Will See Some Sh**

How often do you come out of a movie saying "I've never seen that before"? It's pretty rare, but there are elements of the violence in "Dredd" that will have you screaming that in the theater. We won't spoil any of the fun here, but brace yourself.

Alternate Title: "Dredd 3D: The Raid: Redemption"

Oh, a drug lord is holed up at the top of a skyscraper guarded by an army of addicts, you say? That does sound familiar. While "Dredd 3D" certainly isn't a rip-off of the mind-meltingly badass "The Raid," the two share a nearly identical plot. But you know what? It's a great action plot that makes for video game-inspired mayhem fests. (But for all those wondering: "The Raid: Redemption" > "Dredd 3D.")

It's Fun

Perhaps the highest praise for "Dredd 3D" is that it simply delivers on all of its promises. Urban has fun with the role of Judge Dredd, and the violence kicks it up a few notches higher than you expect going in. If you cringe thinking back to Stallone in lycra and a codpiece, "Dredd 3D" should be enough to wipe your memory clean and remind you who is the law.

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