'Dredd' Is 'A Really Fun Film,' Karl Urban Says

"Dredd" has finally landed to lay the law down upon moviegoers everywhere, and judging purely by the reviews, it looks like Karl Urban's hard R-rated take on the 2000 AD comic book icon is exactly what the doctor ordered to erase the poor taste of Sylvester Stallone's '90s adaptation from the palette.

Speaking with MTV News at the Toronto International Film Festival, Urban said he could not possibly be prouder of the film that's now in theaters.

"It's a great validation for everybody who put so much time and energy and effort in it," said the actor. "Here's the thing: it's a fun film. It's a really fun film, and audiences are having a great time watching it, so we're very happy."

Fans should be happy, if for no other reason than Dredd completely refusing to remove his helmet throughout the entire movie.

"As I've said before, I'm a longtime fan of 'Dredd.' I read it growing up. To me, that's essential," said Urban. "That's part of his enigma. That's part of who he is. To do something contradictory to the way the character was originally created... it was certainly a choice that was never considered by myself or anyone else on this production."

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