'Kick-Ass 2' Set Photos Reveal Justice Forever

Justice Forever

If there's one thing that "Kick-Ass 2" set photos have shown us, it's this: Hit-Girl is clearly kicking ass and taking names, all from the comfort of her long-awaited purple Ducati, no less. But how are the rest of her crime-fighting allies holding up?

We've got the answer, thanks to yet another wave of photos that Mark Millar himself linked to this morning. The new photos show several of the members of Justice Forever, including Dr. Gravity, Insect Man and Remembering Tommy. Kick-Ass himself is clearly visible, as is his old friend turned new superhero ally Battle-Guy, played by Clark Duke.

"Clark was maybe my favourite thing from the first movie and when we all saw his audition I remember us all trying to think of some way to make his role bigger," Millar wrote. "That's why I made him Battle-Guy in the sequel. He's an absolutely terrific screen presence and genuinely makes any line funny. Every take is different and he just kills it every time."

Millar went on to add that the scene these photos come from is ripped straight out of "Kick-Ass 2" #4, in which the members of Justice Forever meet together to — SPOILER ALERT — "talk about how they should respond to the murder of one of their team by the super-villains."

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