Amy Adams On Her Men Of Steel: Henry Cavill Is 'Yoked,' Michael Shannon Is 'Terrifying'

No matter what reservations, hangups or cautious optimism you may be harboring for "Man of Steel" and the man who's playing him, Henry Cavill, one thing is becoming very clear: Cavill is Superman. Or at least his performance has his fellow cast members and crew fully convinced that he is absolutely the best man for the gig.

When MTV News caught up with Amy Adams recently during the press day for "The Trouble With the Curve," we asked her to weigh-in on Michael Shannon's recent comments that he felt like he was lost in a scene with Superman himself.

"You feel like you're in scenes with Superman," Adams agreed. "He is completely invested and yoked and he just really took the role very seriously and yeah, he's fantastic, he's just so yum. He's the nicest guy, aside from the face," she said, which prompted the two of us to have a brief girl moment where we shared stories of getting lost in Cavill's eyes. I told Adams that when I interviewed Cavill for "Immortals" that I was glad I was supposed to be staring at him, because it's hard to look away.

"Really? Whenever I had to look into his eyes I would just start giggling," Adams admitted. "I was like 'Oh I gotta stop this.'"

And what did Adams think of Shannon's performance as the evil General Zod?

"He's fantastic. He's terrifying," she said. "I only had a couple scenes with him."

At least now we know that Lois Lane and Zod cross paths at some point!

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