'Kick-Ass 2' Photos Tease New Bike And New Villain

We've been so distracted by all the awesome teases of Mother Russia that we almost forgot there was a whole other cast of characters to look forward to in "Kick-Ass 2." Now a new batch of pictures have been released that show off everything from Hit-Girl's new biker gear to Claudia Lee's character Brooke, and we're glad we're getting a look at the movie's whole spectrum.

Arguably the coolest images here are the ones of Chloe Moretz's stunt double riding around on Hit-Girl's motorcycle. As Hit-Girl grows more mature, so does her ride, and the new set of wheels looks badass. Also keeping "Kick-Ass 2" cool is Olga Kurkulina, who we can see reclining and smiling at the camera as Mother Russia in one of the photos. Click on over to Comic Book Movie to see the whole array of them.

There are quite a few images from "Kick-Ass 2's" school setting, and it's there that we see Lee's Brooke eying Moretz's Mindy Macready. We can see the popular girl in Brooke ready to strike at Mindy, but she of course doesn't know the teenager's secret identity. The school setting also features some interactions between Mindy and Aaron Johnson's Dave Lizewski, but the look on her face foreshadows some tensions between the two of them. We're interested to find out what's got her so frustrated this time.

Jeff Wadlow is directing "Kick-Ass 2," which also brings back Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Red Mist. It's due in theaters on June 28.

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