'Avengers' U.K. DVD Release Censors Coulson's Death

Clark Gregg

Are you one of the Coulson Lives believers? If so, here's some nice fuel for your conspiracy-minded fire: the death of Agent Coulson has been significantly altered in the U.K. DVD release of "The Avengers."

Bleeding Cool reports that the U.K. version of the film doesn't feature Loki's spear protruding from Coulson's chest as seen in the originally released movie. The exact reasoning behind the edit remains unclear. The U.K. "Avengers" didn't receive a lowered rating for the cut, so the rating doesn't seem to be a concern. The edit didn't take hold on all versions of "Avengers," either, so it doesn't appear to be an attempt to retcon Coulson's death, despite many fans' desire to the contrary.

See the photo below to see the difference between the U.S. and U.K. "Avengers" releases' take on Coulson's big goodbye.

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