Michael Shannon's Zod Will Look 'Slightly Different' Than Terence Stamp

Michael Shannon

Until we see an officially released still or a video reel of the man in action, we simply won't have any clue what General Zod looks like in "Man of Steel." It's no use going by Terence Stamp's appearance in the early "Superman" films, either. According to Michael Shannon, his take on the Kryptonian general is visibly different from Stamp's.

"I will look slightly different than Terence Stamp because otherwise, what's the point?" he told Yahoo! Movies about his take on the iconic Superman baddie. "It will all be slightly different. I think it's pretty cool."

"It is funny because people bring me pictures to sign at events and things, and there are all these mockups online and people imagining what I'm going to look like," Shannon continued. "There are some pretty funny ones, something with a black SS uniform and -- what do you call it when you got the mustache and there's this soul patch … yeah, like a T. Well, that's totally wrong but I'll sign if you want me to."

As for other details Shannon is willing to reveal about Zod? Well… not a whole lot.

"He's a general. On a planet called Krypton. I don't know what to say about Zod. It's shrouded in secrecy," he said, pausing before adding, "He's a badass mofo."

Good enough.

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