'Thor' Sequel Rumor: Is Death Coming To Asgard?


There's a storm coming to "The Dark World," and it's going to leave a major player's body behind in its wake.

At least, that's the rumor floating around the web today after Bleeding Cool reported that a main character — presumably someone from the first "Thor" film — won't survive the upcoming sequel. The fact that someone big might die in the next "Thor" movie shouldn't come as a huge shock; stakes need to be set, as "The Avengers" taught us. And with all those massive battles going on, somebody's bound to leave the playing field.

See some of our predictions for the unfortunate corpse after the break.


5. Loki

He's terrorized Asgard. He's terrorized Earth. Where can he go from here but up? Tom Hiddleston has long said he's hoping to bring Loki out of the shadows and onto the path of redemption. What better way for the trickster god to redeem himself than with a glorious, sacrificial death? Selfishly, we don't want to see Hiddleston go. But perhaps it's the mischief-maker's time to leave this mortal coil.

4. Odin

An obvious choice; after all, he nearly left us in the first "Thor." But killing Odin would shake up the realm of Asgard in more ways than one, not the least of which leaving the keys to the kingdom firmly in Thor's hands. That would be a very interesting development for the future of the character.


3. Sif

We don't see the Warriors Three breaking up anytime soon, but if Marvel wants to take away one of Thor's closest allies, killing Sif would do the trick. Jamie Alexander's heroic Asgardian has clear feelings for Thor, who clearly has feelings for Jane Foster. Pulling her from the story would be tragic on every level.


2. One Of The Humans

Erik Selvig already served a greater purpose in "Avengers." Kat Dennings' Darcy is said to have an expanded role in the "Thor" sequel. And don't think for a second that just because she's the love interest, Jane Foster is safe from the reaper. If these mortals are joining Thor in the stars, then they're going to be the least prepared to take on the likes of the Dark Elves — and that could be very, very bad for their survival odds.


1. Agent Phil Coulson (Again)

Aw. Now we're just being mean.

Leave this one in the rumor column for now, but if someone is going to go the way of Agent Coulson, who do you think it'll be? Leave your predictions in the comments or on Twitter!

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