Joss Whedon's Future Is 'Very Avengers,' But There's Always Room For Shakespeare

If Joss Whedon thought it was a challenge to film a Shakespeare adaptation just days after shooting "Marvel's The Avengers," it's not about to get easier. The man has a brand new Marvel contract that includes not just an "Avengers" sequel but also involvement in the studio's other film properties, as well as a "S.H.I.E.L.D." television series.

Still, Whedon insists that there is more in his future than just Earth's mightiest heroes.

"It's very 'Avengers,' it's very Marvel, but there's still 'Wastelanders' and there's still 'Doctor Horrible 2,'" Whedon told MTV News while promoting "Much Ado about Nothing" at the Toronto Film Festival. "I'd love to do more Shakespeare, especially if I can only show it in Toronto, because oh my god, that audience. That was phenomenal."

Indeed, "Much Ado" has received rave reviews so far, and it sounds like the experience of shooting a Shakespeare film all in the comfort of his own home was something Whedon would like to do again.

"For me, to roll out of bed at six and say action, is terrific," he said. "It's great — if you're not my kids."

"There was one point where my son came down for breakfast and asked, 'Where are the people I know?' Because it was filled with crew," he continued, joking that his answer was that the crew members were his son's new family. "'We'll all be raising you.'"

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