Mark Ruffalo Ponders Hulk's Post-'Avengers' Future

"Iron Man," "Captain America" and "Thor" sequels are all in the works ahead of Joss Whedon's second shot at Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Heck, even "Guardians of the Galaxy," and possibly Edgar Wright's "Ant-Man," are lighting up the big screen before "Avengers 2" hits. But what about the jolly green giant?

We know a "Hulk" TV series has been in the works for sometime now, and any Whedon-helmed "Avengers" movie is sure to include Bruce Banner's monstrous alter-ego. But how about a solo film featuring Mark Ruffalo's take on the jaded scientist? According to the actor himself, that movie isn't likely to transpire any time soon.

"I think they've done it. I think they feel that they've done that," Ruffalo told MTV News at the Toronto Film Festival (where he was promoting his new film "Thanks For Sharing") about why Marvel isn't making another "Hulk" movie just yet. "I think they don't really know where to go [with the character]."

Fair enough; it took a massive ensemble movie to finally get the Hulk right on film after two previous attempts landed with mixed to poor results. But with Ruffalo now in control of the gamma-radiated beast, it strikes us that there's never been a better time to swing big at another "Hulk" movie than right now. Here's hoping that Banner at the very least gets prominent placement in Whedon's upcoming "Avengers" sequel.

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