James Cameron's 'Avengers' Review: 'I Liked it!'

Remember that exciting box office-related news announced recently regarding summer favorite "The Avengers" and its very impressive sales figure feat in crossing the $1.5 billion mark? Naturally the industry experts and analysts have had a field day with that stat, but who better to weigh-in on said achievement than box office champ himself, James Cameron?

When MTV News caught up with the 'King' recently during a press day pegged to the DVD/Blu-ray release of "Titanic 3D," we had to ask his thoughts on the film and its encroachment upon his billion-dollar babies.

"They got close. They didn't break the $2 billion-dollar barrier, there's only two in the club," Cameron said with a wink and a smile, speaking to "Titanic" and "Avatar," and then added that he welcomed the healthy competition. "But you know, come on, let's go guys."

"Look, I want Hollywood to be as successful and vibrant as it always has," he said with sincerity. "Hopefully a movie will come along next year and show everyone what's possible because that just benefits us all. On the other hand, if that shouldn't happen for another ten years that would be good too," he joked. "It's kind of a no-lose situation. We managed to push 'Titanic' right over the $2 billion mark with the re-release, so I'm happy about that."

But now on to the big question: What did Cameron think about "Avengers" not as a money-maker, but as a movie?

"Oh I liked 'Avengers.' I thought it was a real crowd-pleaser, lots of fun [and] funny, funnier than [I expected]," he said. "I thought leavening it was important because 'Titanic' is not exactly a laugh riot."

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