Kevin Shinick Avenges 'Spider-Man,' Parodies 'Frankenweenie'


by Ryan Rigley

Last week, we got a chance to talk to Kevin Shinick (head honcho of the "MAD" animated series) about his involvement in the "Robot Chicken DC Comics Special" and everything that that entailed. But while Shinick's knowledge of the DC Universe has proven to be quite extensive, it still pales in comparison to his knowledge of everyone's favorite web-slinging Marvel superhero.

"Growing up as a child, I read more DC comics but my main guy that I loved the most was Spider-Man," revealed Shinick on the matter of Marvel or DC. "I had tons of Spider-Man as my primary reading and anything after that was either Batman or Superman or Flash or, you know, those guys."

Luckily for Shinick, he'll be taking over the "Avenging Spider-Man" ongoing series starting this month.

"Spider-Man to me is the coolest and he’s strong and he’s got chutzpah," continued Shinick. "But I wanted to put him in a world where the stakes were high because none of that was coming through. He’s not sure where he is, he’s a little uncertain, and he’s paired up with this guy who is a schizophrenic crazy person." The schizophrenic crazy person in question? None other than Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth.

"You know Deadpool to me is such an unstable guy and if you’re paired up with him, I would not feel easy about it," Shinick shared with us. "If you had to pair up with someone, you know when you go out swimming and they say find a buddy? And someone says to you ‘Alright, Deadpool’s your buddy.’ I’d be like ‘Oh crap. I don’t really trust this guy.’" As you shouldn't. Deadpool, of course, being a world renowned mercenary for hire whose most recent venture involved killing every single character in the Marvel Universe.

Shinick's run on "Avenging Spider-Man" will see Peter Parker and Wade Wilson returning to high school, an institution wherein everyone is vulnerable and the stakes are always at their highest. On the matter of villains, Shinick went on to say, "I wanted to go back and find someone who hadn’t been used in a long while and who to me was great for comedic effect, and so therefore I went and unearthed the Hypno Hustler."

"I created and write 'MAD' the animated show and I also come from ‘Robot Chicken.’ And that was the perfect blend of bringing Spider-Man and Deadpool together because they both represent both of those shows," he added. "Deadpool is raunchy and ridiculous, like ‘Robot Chicken.’ And Spider-Man is friendly, fun and funny like ‘Mad.’"

Speaking of "Mad," this year's Halloween special is slated to be a parody of "Frankenweenie" involving seminal characters from "Winnie the Pooh." After Christopher Robin accidentally rips Winnie the Pooh in half, he's tasked with reanimating his corpse via mad science. But Winnie won't be the only animal in the Hundred-Acre Wood that's being turned into a monstrosity.

"They’re all there," he said. "Eeyore and Rabbit and Piglet, you know they’re all there." Sounds like this year's Halloween special might be even more hilarious than the last.

Shinick's run on "Avenging Spider-Man" begins with issue 12 which hits stores on September 12th. The "MAD" Halloween special, "FrankenWINNIE," is set to air on October 29th on Cartoon Network.